Single #38: Picture Day

Picture Day



Downloadable MP3 (*Previously only on CD)

Released: 2015

Words and Music written by Chance
©2015 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

Also available:
Track #7 from the album, “The Glitter and the Glue”




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What if you dressed up in your sunday best: would it change you?
what if you messed up and you never knew how we missed you?

picture yourself now…
wondering what happened, why everything’s out of control

maybe the light in the sky just can’t seem to find you
maybe you think that the night came and chewed up and swallowed you

all of us sleeping on half-broken dreams
hope they don’t give us away (oh no…no)

picture yourself now…
wondering what happened why everything’s out of control
don’t know who we are now…
wondering what happened, did we lose the sweetest of souls?

maybe the thing with this love is it needs to find you
take all the pain you’ve held onto until it combines you
from this place maybe there’s more if life only reminds you
that anyone, everyone, all of us soon will be free

all of us sleeping on half-broken dreams
I hope they don’t give us away (oh no…no)

picture yourself now…
wondering what happened; is everything out of control?
guess who we are now…
wondering what happened, did we lose the sweetest of souls?

Words & Music by Chance

©2015 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

Picture Day started on a Piano.

And the line ” what if you dressed up in your Sunday Best, would it change you?”

I immediately began to wonder what that meant.

It wasn’t long (minutes) before I thought of Pat, my dear friend who committed suicide just a year or so before.

What if in spite all our efforts, would the drive to end life supercede all else?

The concept is heartbreaking, and I must admit it’s been weighing on me for years now, given that I’ve been privy to a few friend’s suicides in the past say 5-6 years. It’s like that phrase, the terrorists always win, or the phrase ‘if someone wants to get into your house, they’re gonna break in somehow.”

You can put up all the possible alarms and all the preventative measures, and still they will succeed if their drive is strong enough.

So, then what…do…you do?

I just began to wonder, just that…if I can’t change your mind, then the only control I have is to tell you how I feel. How much I love you, how much I’ll miss you (or already do if in the past). How I wish I could understand, and how I wish there was something I could have said. But since there isn’t, my love is what you’re going to get from me.

There still remain people in my life who I worry about (taking their lives). I know some of them are well beyond my ability to stop if they choose to go that route. So I’ve opted for a different position: just let them know, I don’t judge them, that I will always love them, and if they ask, I’ll certainly tell them how it’ll make me feel.

Cause that’s how helpless it feels to lose someone this way, and often, that’s about all we can do. Love.

Sonically, I wrote the drum part as a switch between half-time and double time. It had an old fashioned flair to it. That’s probably why I went down the honkey tonk piano road (after listening to a particular Bowie song); I wanted to couch this wistful melancholy song about a friend I would soon lose and only have the memories of their photos to remind me:

“Wondering what happened, did we lose the sweetest of souls?”

Recorded & mixed at Supey Studio
DAW: Pro Tools
i/0: Universal Audio Apollo

Written, recorded and mixed by Chance
Masted by Rob Beaton for

Chance: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Tambourine

Microphones: Vocals: Peluso 2247 LE
Guitars: Fender ’57 Strat through a Mesa Boogie Mark 3 (w/ Marshall 1960A half stack)

Brian Levy: Drums
Sebastian Ciceri: Bass

Cool Geekout Notes

This was the first song written and completed for the Glitter and the Glue. It’s actually a lot of fun to play live (and not the easiest to sing).

Art note: That image is a plaster image of my face. Originally, a friend needed a photo done of a person whose lips were sewn shut; I volunteered.

I went to this facility where they took this mold of my entire face. It was actually a lot fun. All they needed was this small prosthetic of lip cover. Then the makeup artist did the rest. But what I got out of it(in addition to the fun) was this mold, which I then took a photo of for the art for this song.

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