Single #28: What I Pray For

What I Pray For



Downloadable MP3**
Released: 2010

Words and Music: Chance
©2010 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

(**not available on CD)




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Directed & shot by Chance

Shot on location:
Thomas, Oklahoma & West LA Police Carnival


Lying down upon the grass, I ain’t lonely or afraid
We’re surrounded everywhere by flowers on parade
Here we are, the time is right to see what we have made
Cause over there, beyond the hill, a house beneath the shady tree

i pray for—a house beneath the shady tree I pray for
a house beneath the shady tree

Looking up, the clouds are colored yellows, reds and blues
Darling can’t you smile or are you just a bit confused?
The wind died down, but where it blows is not for us to choose
Cause over there, beyond the clouds, the watercolor skies are what

i pray for—the watercolor skies are what I pray for
i pray for—the watercolor skies…

look beyond the crowded rooms, beyond the winter kill
go by car, by graveled road, to find the old windmill
lean your face into the wind to feel how time stands still
when it does, you’ll know you’re there, a quiet place for us to play

i pray for—a quiet place for us to play I pray for
i pray for—a quiet place for us to play….

Words & Music by Chance

©2010 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

I think I’m going to keep the genesis of this song short and sweet. Certainly from a lyrical perspective, I hope that each listener decides what the song is about using their own thoughts and views.

From an overall vibe, the song was essentially–or at least somewhat–conceived as a companion piece to the video.

I believe the song came first, but at the moment the exact chronology escapes me. Just know that the pictures I wanted to paint in the lyrics mirrored that of the pictures I wanted to paint in the video.

Please read the “geekout” section for some fun insight into the recording. I’ll leave the rest of the outlook of the song up to you.

Recorded & mixed in Pro Tools LE Digi 002 on a Mac Pro

All Vocals-Peluso 2247LE
Acoustic Guitar: Epiphone
Percussion: Two shoes and a broom
Other: Piano, Violin, Harmonium

Written, performed, recorded & mixed by Chance
Mastered by Rob Beaton for

Cool Geekout Notes


Yes, you read that right. Go to the 2nd verse. On the left, you’ll hear a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes walking on hardwood floor. On the right, you’ll hear a broom, sweeping across a rug.

Also, something cool in the 2nd chorus: that melodic synth sound you hear is actually a piano going through a leslie speaker.

Acoustic guitars are recorded as two different passes: verse are strummed with fingers; choruses are strummed with a pick.

Tried to make this song as simple as possible… well…for me.

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