Single #3: Won't Be a Next Time

Won’t Be a Next Time



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Released: 2004

Words and Music Chance
©2004 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

Also Available as a part of “Chance: The First Five Demos”




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It was a bad bad idea. They were gone when it was too late to go. And when they left there was some writing on the wall. But that wall kept standing. There were too many, maybe six maybe nine. Their brains exploding with with visionary tales. They should have stopped, but they didn’t even try. So we got suckered. Yea…we got suckered. Break , break, break, break, down, down, down, down. Don’t act surprised but heads will roll. Don’t let them tell you you should do what you’re told. Let’s get together, give them a sign. It won’t take long ‘cause there won’t be a next time. They take their shots like it’s 1942. You look around for the “Guns of Navarone.” They told us one thing, but as far as I can tell, where are the questions if they’ve got no answers?! But we got something that they never think about. One thing that puts them in their place. Make sure you use it, before they figure it out, ’cause it’s last call….Break, break, break, break. Down, down, down, down. Don’t act surprised but heads will roll. Don’t let them tell you you should do what you’re told. Let’s get together, give them a sign. It won’t take long ‘cause there won’t be a next time.

Words & Music by Chance
©2004 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

It took one speech to take a centrist democrat like myself to favor the Iraqi war at the onset. The one Colin Powell made at the U.N.
Colin Powell has always impressed me as believable.

But I always had this feeling we were prosecuting the wrong war, barking up the wrong tree. That we hadn’t finished the job in Afghanistan (and surrounding areas). That we were handing Islamic Militants all over the world a reason, proof even, that we were nothing more than crusaders waging a war against Islam as a whole.

I don’t know if it was one thing, like Abu Ghraib (And all those Al Qaida recruitment poster photos we passed out in the media for free), or Richard Clarke’s testimony in front of the 9-11 commission way back in Feb or March. Or perhaps a whole host of things including the arrogant and smug nature of our President who has single handedly destroyed our foreign policy and America’s standing with our allies. But it became apparent that I, along with many other Americans, felt that this war was the wrong one, at the very minimum fought at the wrong time (say nothing as to why we didn’t wait for the inspectors to complete their job). And for all the wrong reasons. Fahrenheit 9-11, for example, taught me nothing I didn’t already know. (Notwithstanding the power of the movie itself.)

The Real Intent of WBANT:
For the moment, though, these are just words. Some will view them as unpatriotic; somehow feeling that dissention is Un-American. Understanding fully that America was founded on the concept of dissent, that sort of talk is marginalized fringe speak, and probably more destructive and un-American than ANYTHING someone who dissents could say because it is dismissive and disengaging. But frankly, I don’t mind that at all (that jibba jabba), because MINDING it would be un-American, now wouldn’t it.

(And to any and all who feel that, in the coming months, Iraq will right itself in due time——which would be wonderful—— the ends does not justify the means.)

No, the real intent behind the song is simply this: Don’t rally and snarl traffic, don’t spit ’til you’re blue in the face, Don’t take it out on anyone who disagrees with you in anything resembling a vindictive manner.

No, just vote. Vote and remove them from office. It doesn’t take much time, hardly any energy, and certainly doesn’t force you to say anything you may later regret. Your neighbors are still just as American as you are (a notion very much lost on the conservative wing of the Republican Party.)

No, vote them out and let’s get back to the complex issues of re-uniting a fractured country (ours) and waging a war on terror together. Because at this point, it’s not about settling old scores (Iraq), it’s about winning hearts and minds, and that won’t be easy. That will take a generation.

Recorded & mixed in Pro Tools LE Digi 002 on a Toshiba Satellite laptop

Lead vocal-AKG C451

Guitars: Fender Strat, through Amplitube LE
Drum Loops: Propellerhead Reason 2.5 and Ableton Live
Piano: Kawai ES-X
Bass: Fender Jazz (el latino)

Written, performed and recorded by Chance

Cool Geekout Notes

Always had the intention of having no live drums, except maybe a pick up beat during the solo. Note that the guitar solo is doubled by the voice. Actually, it’s the other way around: I sang the melody for the guitar solo and then recorded the guitar solo.
Other totally goofy geek note: There is only ONE cymbal hit in the entire song. Find it!

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