Single #37: Best Day of My Life

Best Day of My Life


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Released: 2015

Words and Music written by Chance
©2015 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

Also available:
Track #6 from the album, “The Glitter and the Glue”



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Why did you go?
why did you leave?
i opened the door
i even said “please”
i can’t take no more
i need relief
now that you’re gone
away from me

i feel so low
i feel so beat
life has me grounded
and tied to this tree
i can’t take no more
i need relief
i wish you were here…
closer to me

i’m so sad… i’m so blue
that i blame it all, all on you
got my reasons, more than a few
better believe it’s true

but it’s the best day of my life
the best day of my life
and I can’t be held responsible
when it’s the best day of my life

i need some love
i need some speed
i need devotion
as I fall to my knees
i look up to the clouds
and wait for the breeze
for all of the rain
to fall down on me

you’re so blind, you’re so cold
i thought you’d be here when we’re growin’ old
i’m so down, no… I’m so low
i got no place, got no get up and go

but it’s the best day of my life
the best day of my life
and I can’t be held responsible
the best day of… the best day of my life.

Words & Music by Chance

©2015 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

This song is actually about 7 years old. At least the basics of it. I just had no chorus. So it sat.

Found it again while rummaging through old material to see if there any gems. Loved and hated it because it had promise but it

I worked to take the chorus I had and like a square peg through a circle, it just wasn’t happening.

I was VERY frustrated.

Came in the house. Saw my wife, sitting idly.

“You doing anything?”


“Cool….let’s go for a walk.”

I bitched and moan the whole time about this goddamn song.

Walk was about 20 minutes, and as I was about 2 minutes away. It hit me.

All of it. Melody. Rhythm. Style.

All of it.

I knew it wasn’t stylistically as similar as the stuff I was working on for Glitter, but you know what? I rarely if ever care about that shit. I’m more interested to see if it just fits attitude wise/ quality wise. Otherwise, who cares…!

The main character to this song is a bit of a lout. Or at least just an asshole in denial. Taking that and designing a fun loving song around it amuses me to no end (and probably frustrates the listener).

In the end though, it’s actually written for two people who have been through the ringer. I’ve always been obsessed with the notion of what do you do when you are almost without everything? Have no where else to turn? When life is just screwing you over and that last thread of the rope begins to unravel?

Sometimes I just picture people in those situations, saying “fuck it” and just dancing. Not trying to be trite. Laughing like a maniac with revenge in mind at those around them and exclaiming upon high…”this is the best day of my life!” I guess you could also describe it like Jake LaMotta’s “You never got me down, Ray…you hear me? You never got me down.”

Because why not? What else are you going to do? May as well at least have a good giggle about it.

Recorded & mixed at Supey Studio
DAW: Pro Tools
i/0: Universal Audio Apollo

Written, recorded and mixed by Chance
Masted by Rob Beaton for

Chance: Vocals, Guitars, Synths & Sounds, Loops, Programming

Microphones: Vocals: Peluso 2247 LE
Guitars: Fender ’57 Strat, Epiphone Riviera, through a Mesa Boogie Mark 3 (w/ Marshall 1960A half stack)

Brian Levy: Drums
Sebastian Ciceri: Bass (so delicious)

Cool Geekout Notes

For me it’s the quirkiness of this song: it’s just filled with all this idiosyncratic tones, scrapes, plinks and bloops. Most of it came courtesy of Reason and a lot of exploration of the vast library of loops therein.

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