Single #39: Speechless



Downloadable MP3 (*Previously only on CD)

Released: 2015

Words and Music written by Chance
©2015 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

Also available:
Track #8 from the album, “The Glitter and the Glue”



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And every time I think of you, I think of what is best
in spite of all the heartache I must get off of my chest
and if my spirit’s to be true, I feel I must come clean
if I could you know I would I’d say just what I mean, but…

so maybe take a trip with me, and maybe jump around
and maybe fly an airplane that we never should have found
and then jump out like heroes ‘cause what goes up=must come down
and laugh and smile and cradle hearts, until we kiss the ground

“it’s just so beautiful”

we’re growing up, we’re growing up, and everything we’re told
to hold our heads up, never let them take over our soul
and wait for rain, and wait for rain, to sweep up all the mess
the beauty—pain— of sweet sustain, ‘til the “no” becomes a “yes”

and just like that, with no disguise, we all count down from ten
‘til everything becomes a light and we start all over again

the square become a circle; I know we’re almost through
if I close my eyes, can you close your eyes….til I am just like you
just like

“it’s just so beautiful”

and so is this all that you ask of me now
as hard as this is i’m trying to tell you what I feel, what I feel

What I feel.

Words & Music by Chance

©2015 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

I think this one started with the drum loop. I was just messing around. It sat for a while as—you guessed it—no chorus.

Then I began thinking of the idea that the song would be called Speechless.

And that meant considering when people use that word (usually describing something that strikes awe or that is… just …so…beautiful.

And there I found my hook. Sung in an Earth Wind and Fire sort of way.

Lyrically, I recalled the pleasures of childhood summer vacations, running around and feeling like you were the heroes of your own story.

I even recalled that very adult responsibility of cleaning up after a mess; clean slate if you will. The imagining of new beginning and possibilities that leave us optimistic and excited about life.

And how sometimes, this feeling we have inside is just so difficult to describe.

Recorded & mixed at Supey Studio
DAW: Pro Tools
i/0: Universal Audio Apollo

Written, recorded and mixed by Chance
Masted by Rob Beaton for

Chance: Vocals, Guitars, Bass Synth, Loops & Sounds, Sleigh Bells

Microphones: Vocals: Peluso 2247 LE
Guitars: Fender ’57 Strat through a Mesa Boogie Mark 3 (w/ Marshall 1960A half stack)

Brian Levy: Drums

Cool Geekout Notes

This guitar part is so seemingly simple and yet is a lot harder to play than you think. Your arm will fall off about half way through the song. Be forewarned.

This is one of my kitchen sink songs. There are a zillion things going on: taiko drums, old yamaha dx7 style piano, clean guitars, distorted and distant guitars, sleigh bells. Name it, and I probably considered it.

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