Another mix done

Yes, nothing like this feeling. This mix is out of control. So many pushes, so many pulls. I’m really excited about this song.
And what’s the difference between the completed and the almost finished you’re listening to now?
Well, not too much. I pushed guitars on the choruses a bit more. I’m pushing the kick drum a bit more. I cranked up a couple of percussion on the first verse (tambourine and the pot&pan), and I turned up the hihat on the 2nd verse.
Oh, and pushed the bass slides on the turnaround section (the, as I call it, “drum solo” right before the last chorus.)
The bass goes booom, as it slides off an E below middle C, on the one.

So excited.

On to making Life & Life Only a bit more lively based on some of my learning from Ambulance Chaser.

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