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Every show is sacred…

Fun show last night. Met people I’d never met before. The theatre we played was so very cool, too. I was impressed and hope we can play there again. Truth be told though, the PA system sucked. That would have to be improved. But all in all the people were nice and the crowd was, well, patient.

Got off to a slow start, and each act didn’t go on as planned. I’d heard the Monty Py-thong girls were going on early, so I asked fans to get there early. Ah well, such was no the case; they went on after us. So most either waited a very long time, of bolted early. Hell, we didn’t even go on til around 9 30, I think. (we were supposed to go on much earlier).

But it was a fun performance. Played acoustically, full band: Mike, Steve on acoustic guitars, Bob on a farty old bass practice amp, and Flanders on kit with rod sticks. I played piano on everything except for one song.

And that song was a new one called Ambulance Chaser, performed live for the first time. I borrowed Mike’s acoustic, and every single person played some kind of percussion: Adam & Steve: bongos; Bob the whirly toy and the scrape; Mike, tamborine. But that’s not all! We passed out shakers, cabasas, maracas, more tambourines and other eccentric bits o percussion to people in the audience. Tara from Monty-Pythong joined us on stage as she was wearing a male choir uniform for her set (she ripped us off, man). Hilarious is the only way to describe: The audience sang the choruses with us. I should have video, I’ll try to upload later today or tomorrow.

Monty Pythong didn’t get off the stage til late (because of everyone’s late start) so we were blisteringly tired. Mike had a long drive and Flanders goes to surf in Indonesia for 2 weeks.

Special thanks to everyone who made it, especially a couple of choir girls who drove from Apple Valley to be at this show. Kudos.

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