Stressed. This CD is taking a lot long than I anticipated or certainly planned for. I’m happy with the results so far, but the path to those results have been frustratingly time consuming. And my stupid computer gets overworked and overtaxed, and having a day job sucks, and I just spent $500 on Superchunk’s vet bill, and there is UGGGGGHHHH!

One of the things that’s most time consuming is the mixes and how hard I tax my computer. I have to re-boot a lot because I use Pro Tools LE and a lot of plugin activity. It’s extremely frustrating. I even bought a $600 a/c for the studio a few weeks ago, hoping that would help. Well, at least it makes the room more comfortable to work in, but it’s not helping that much with the stability. I hate having to be forced to print effects, but at some point, I have no other choice. Unless I don’t have enough tracks. THEN UGH!!!!!

After recording new guitar and bass parts for Ripped Torn Broken last week, I discovered the only thing worth keeping were the bass parts. Reason is the guitar performances on the original version, while not sonically up to snuff, were all about magic, luck and chemistry. And I just couldn’t duplicate them. Not without taking a couple of days. I’m telling you, that’s the worst thing for a musician to do: duplicate something he or she already likes. In this case, I bailed on the notion pretty early on in the attempt. It wasn’t even possible. Well, it’s possible; but it would have taken. more. time.

So, I have to keep my head in the game, big picture wise. I have to keep telling myself that the results are the only thing that matter, and since I’ve taken this long I can’t stress out too much if I’m so close to finishing.

But it sure as hell ain’t easy.

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