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Video: Life & Life Only

Lip Dub #2 is for “Life & Life Only”,
starring Suzy the Choir Girl. Post what you think!

Life & Life Only single | Buy Famous Words & Alibis CD

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1: Happening (watermloncholy mix), starring PJ the Rock n Roll Granny

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Comments (11)

Great stuff. Got some odd looks from passers by, but thats all the fun.

That’s really great – Suzy was perfect for the part!

I wonder how many of the background people have seen a pretty woman dancing down the street while singing. I’d look too. (Even if she wasn’t singing)

It’s fun to watch the folks around her! Where is this filmed?

If I saw a pretty woman like her dancing and singing down the sidewalk I’d watch her too! (Even if she wasn’t singing and dancing)

This is great. It looks like Suzy’s enjoying herself. 🙂

And I love her boots!

:-)……another cute video!

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of these kinds of girls. “Make love to the camera..that’s it…it will do whatever you ask of it”. That kind of stuff. If you don’t believe me, just check out the video again!

And Suzy is so cute!

It takes a LOT of courage to walk down the street like that, and especially to stand still at some spot and just do a dance (which seems well-prepared, did you practice?). Really cool. Good job, Suzy!

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