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Ambulance Chaser – Chance
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Ambulance Chaser

This weekend’s work is a song called Ambulance Chaser.
This song is actually a few years old, but i could never get the feel right. I knew I wanted to re-record it with the new batch of songs, and while I was laying down a temporary drum feel for the studio (so I could record the guitars and bass), I played something very simple and I went, “wow, that works!” so it’s a lot more groovy and machine like, kind of AC/DC drum feel.

I also recorded about 8 tracks of percussion: tambourines, a wrench, pots and pans (seriously), shakers (which I broke because I was hitting them against each other; sorry Bob!), and bongos. Plus this little whirly toy that RULES.
Finished editing those tracks and right now I’m writing/completing the drum part. I hope to at least have the mix set up by end of day today, because I won’t get much time to work on it tomorrow.

Fun fun!

PS: It’s been ridiculously hot here in the studio. the Santa Anas are back.

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