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Weekend Re-cap

A great practice, followed by delicious Indian Food. That was my Sunday.

Officiated over the wedding of a lifelong friend to her long time boyfriend. It’s my 5th, I think, so far. They’re fun to do. That was my Saturday.

Boudin Blanc et Pommes Puree. Delayed interview with iProng (all good; re-scheduled for Tuesday). Laid down some alt mixes for mastering. Basically, when you master certain instruments shine through more and certain get brought down more. That’s just the nature of the beast.

In my experience, at least with my mixes, it always seems Guitars are helped the most by mastering, followed by vocals. And kick drum and bass guitar can get clobbered a bit, if they’re mixed a little low to begin with. So, each of my songs has a separate mix that has the kick drum and bass drum up. Just in case, if we hear the final mix being taken out of balance, we have the alt mix to save the day (sing that like Mighty Mouse).

And that was my Friday!

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