Tediously close.

Man, this is like the democratic primaries. Close, then delay; close then delay….

Computer problems, as usual, are what’s dragging me down. Essentially, I think that the quality, complexity of my mixes are starting to outdo the capabilities of my computer. It’s always running hot, and just gets squirrelly on me. But it’s too late to upgrade my computer. Besides, unless computer life as you know it is completely threatened, it’s crazy to change computers mid-project.

But the bottom line is I’m working on the last 3 mixes of the new record. Too tired now to review tonight; I’ll burn a CD tomorrow and listen with fresh ears.

Oh, and i haven’t talked about food lately. Made chilean sea bass with an orange glaze. And took french green beans, chopped into half inch peaces, and added them to some chorizo sausage, and some shallots. Added a little basil and chives, and man oh man, this was tasty.

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