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cut cut, splice, cut cut, splice

Practiced at 4/5s capacity
Practiced yesterday. My guitar player, Mike, was unable to make it due to car issues. (he lives far away)
Went well, as we started adding vocal parts to the new songs. Played through two songs primarily (Soft Bomb of Diplomacy, Liftoff) and went through a third towards the end (Happening).

Prepping for new mix
Today, I’m going to prep a new song for mix. Prepping can be a most time consuming and tedious process which is why I try to do it on Fridays. Anticipating the grueling feeling of a long hard week, I usually try to save the stuff which needs not too much brain activity for Fridays. Funny thing though: when I’m in writing mode, Fridays can be the best times, as they are a launch into the more wide open weekends (time wise).

Pots and Pans
So, the song is called Ambulance Chaser. I recently recorded a ton of percussion parts for it. I want it to sound like a loud drum circle, but with tambourines, shakers, pots and pans. Seriously: Pots and pans. So, I gotta lock the timing of the performances in. That… takes time. No other way to shake it.

But I’m excited: it’s a newer song. Well, actually: not really. It’s a super old song which I never finished because I couldn’t decide on how best to give the song its own vehicle. But I figured it out, and I think it’s going to be a fun one.

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