Single #33: Tell Me Another Story

Tell Me Another Story



Downloadable MP3 (Previously only on CD)

Released: 2015

Words and Music written by Chance
©2015 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

Also available:
Track #2 from the album, “The Glitter and the Glue”




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Can you tell me another story?
one that’s simple, ‘cause I like ‘em told that way
if it’s all blood and guts, no glory
can you make the saddest parts go away

hold on, i can hear you say
hold on, cause i’m so afraid

but it’s
so. real.
baby. it’s. so. real.

i guess i worry about the flowers
(do they always close when the sun goes away)
i didn’t know that this ain’t ours
(i thought maybe –maybe– we were here to stay)

hold on, no one told me why
hold on, to this world going by

coz it’s. so. real.
baby. it’s. so. real.

tell me, tell me another…
tell me another story now.

All Words & Music written by Chance
©2015 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI)

TMAS was originally written on acoustic guitar. Wasn’t intended for acoustic; always meant to be a rocker. I think originally, I had ideas for the 2nd chorus to be mellow and broken down, but during drum recording sessions (perhaps also in an interest to keeping it simple for himself hahaha) Brian suggested to just make it a rocker.

He was right.

Dedicated to HHH, the song’s about a father telling bedtime stories to his child. But instead of the usual stories, the son wants to hear about life. Maybe the Father is worried, thinking life is too real for the son to handle. Maybe the son is afraid of what the father’s story might reveal about the big ol’ crazy world.
Either way, I intentionally wrote the lyrics so they could be sung from either vantage. Who is more afraid?

Recorded & mixed at Supey Studio
DAW: Pro Tools
i/0: Universal Audio Apollo

Written, recorded and mixed by Chance
Masted by Rob Beaton for

Chance: Vocals, Guitars, Synth Solo, Wurlitzer, Tambourine

Microphones: Vocals: Peluso2247 LE (lead); Studio Projects C1 (backgrounds)
Guitars: Fender ’57 Strat, through a Mesa Boogie Mark 3 (w/ Marshall 1960A half stack)

Brian Levy: Drums
Sebastian Ciceri: Bass
Henry & Christina: Claps

Cool Geekout Notes

Only song on this record without a click track. Ironic because this song I decided to make the Chorus twice as long as we recorded it, which took some pretty masterful editing to pull off.

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