Kickin’ it new school

All I got for Christmas (well, not all I got, but for the purposes of this story…) was a bunch of…KICKS.

Hardcore. Not flutters, not gentle movement.


Some time they were two-fisted, multi-limbed, and they always had this sense of suddenness. Of stark contrast to the quiet surrounding. Now, I didn’t hear them mind you, but I feel that best describes how jolting they seemed.

Another thing that just dawned on me is I’m on the 2nd half of this. My wife is going to be 6 months pregnant this coming Friday. 6 MONTHS! It’s funny; when she was in the middle of her 5th, we could straddle our reasoning:

“Only half way there!” or “Plenty of time” etc.

But now that a number is ringing aloud of something closer to finished than closer to the beginning (aka the point of no return, as Michael Douglas’ character D-FENS once stated), the thoughts weigh more heavy and the anticipation rings more true.


I saw the best movie I’d seen all year thusfar yesterday afternoon (slumdog millionaire), and that’s saying a lot because I LOVED Wall-e & the Dark Knight. There are still a few on my radar before the oscars come out (I always try to watch the best movie noms in the theatre; just something I like to do). But, since I’m taking today off, instead of seeing one of those movies,  we’re just arranging the house, getting rid of stuff, prepping the Nursery, re-configuring bedrooms, and basically setting up ourselves for a whole lotta buying.

But it’s fun. We consciously chose to do a lot of it this month so it wouldn’t be as much of a physical drag on her as she began to waddle and get beyond easy moving means. So, it has an element of quiet concentration rather than furious “we don’t have a lot of time” activity. Kind of the old carpenter’s measure twice cut once vibe; we’ll have plenty of time to make adjustments as April’s delivery due date nears. And that makes it more fun for me, because I think most of my life has been about crafting, re-arranging, adjusting, sculpting….

…and improving.

So, kick a way little man. Regardless of what every parent has told me, I am delusional enough to think: I’m ready for ya!

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A few days ago I saw a movie that I instantly fell in love with, called August Rush (2007). At various points in the movie you will be a bit like “yeah right” as sometimes things just happen too easily.

The music of the film is breathtaking; I immediately bought the OST, which is noteworthy as I have only done the same thing before with two soundtracks: “The X-Files: The Movie” (a great combination of artists and songs) and “Tarzan” (since I’m a huge Phil Collins fan). Both have been on repeat so many times. Note that the score writer for Tarzan is the same as for August Rush: Mark Mancina.

Still haven’t seen Wall-E. The friend I was gonna watch it in the theatres with got hospitalized. Guess what the next film is we’ll be watching at her place 😀

Blessings for 2009!

BTW I reckon you have already seen it as it was an Oscar nominee. The soundtrack is a nominee for the 2009 Grammy awards. Hope it’ll win.

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