39th week update

the three of us
the three of us

39th week update:

She had false labor contractions on Monday. About 3 or 4 in the middle of Target. Went away.

She had false labor contractions on Wednesday. About 6 or 7, while walking the dogs. Went away, after she sat down.

With one more week til the due date, there’s not much left to do. I had a raging headache yesterday (something I usually never get) just after dinner time and I honestly thought I was going to bed in a hurry. But I took some generic Ibuprofen, and went over to the futon (we keep it completely horizontal) in the middle of our living room.

There we started practicing swaddling. First on a teddy bear that Christina grew up with, and then on a Batman Build-a-Bear teddy bear a friend gave at the baby shower. We had three sets of instructions: one in a book, one attached to the “swaddling blanket”, and another inside the “Happiest Baby on the Block” book/DVD.

No contest. Happiest Baby on the Block won, hands down. It made the most logical sense, it seemed the most snug, and was the easiest one to remember. Once you had it down, it was easy to do again, and each time looked as good as the first.

Then we took the photo above. Christina had the idea, and I rocked my new Interfit system. Fun with lighting.

We took about 8 photos, and 3 made the finals. All the differences between the 3 were subtle imperfections: a hand too low, a ring in a funny place. This was our favorite.

Oh, I don’t know if it was the ibuprofen or this spurt of creativity—or the result contained therein—but my headache was gone in a relatively quick manner.

We’re at week 39, and now begin week 40. He’s supposed to be here next Thursday.

It won’t be long.

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