The night before

Place is clean? Check.

Ate tacos from El Atacor for lunch? Check.

Went to the bank? Check.

Bills are paid? Check.

Garbage bins have been emptied? Check.

Watch Predator after lunch? Check.

Last day of work for a while? Check.

Triple checked the Hospital bag? Check.

Number in phone for when it’s time to go to call the Hospital at 1 AM? Check.

Grocery run for: garbage bags, bread for my labor room peanut butter & jelly sandwiches,  Milk & Frosted Flakes for wife, oranges & bananas, eggs, Mac & cheese (maybe the final dinner tonight)? Check.

Petco (food for the dogs)? Check.

Numbers/e-mails for everone on the short list? Check.

Video camera, iPhones, & Camera batteries charged? Check.

Fed & walked the dogs before leaving? Obviously, check.

Wearing favorite new shirt (c’mon; we’re talking posterity here)? Check.

Final dinner change: Sushi and Pizza from Momo & Philly’s across the street? Check.

Getting tired, gonna try to go to bed early, can’t stop thinking about this, so excited it exhausts me, can’t stop smiling, can’t stop imagining the next 24 hours, 48 hours, and the next few years?

Absolutely. Check.

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