Ah well, it turns out I’ve been busy, but at least it’s something new

So, this is the first “substantive” blog post on my site in a bit of time. I’d calculate, oh, at least 8 months or so.

Henry H Hutchison
Henry H Hutchison

For those out of my loop, my wife and I had a kid. A boy; Henry is his name (you guessed it: he’s 8 months old!). For the most part, he has completely invaded our life like a welcome plague. He’s nothing short of amazing in this writer’s eye, but if you know me at all, well, you probably already knew that. And this blaze of emotions, and physical exertion, and sleep deprivation, and exciting firsts;  please regard this as a hilariously euphemistic turn of phrase when I say “it’s an  interesting time in my life right now.”

Turns out, of course (and I suspect I knew it all along), that he has certainly messed with my musical “workflow”, for lack of a MUCH better word.

But don’t think I’ve stopped.

Much of my writing for the first few months quite literally was maxed out at mumbling words, lyrics, melodies into a nearby digital mini-recorder, or an iPhone memo app. It turns out that the stuff that has been coming up and out–coupled with bits and crumbs culled over the last couple years –has pushed me into a direction I’ve wanted to explore for a while, but never had the right amount of compositions to do it.

I do now.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to ‘start banging on a sink with a spoon, record it and call it “original.”‘ But I am saying the next few songs will be different for your ears, as well as mine. I just want to try to have a group of songs with this specific atmosphere and emotion, and see where it takes me.

And I’d like you to come along for the ride.

So, to 2010, to new music (and its direction)…. and to Henry. All of which is…to be continued.

A side note: 10 is my favorite number. It goes back to my childhood love of the soccer player, Pele, if you must know. If nothing but that funny little reason alone, I’m looking forward to the new year.

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Here’s also to your wife who must have an “interesting” time in her life right now 😉

Looking forward to the music “new style”. If it’s down the lines of “If my hands are tied”, I think I’m right there with you! If it’s not, we’ll just have to find out, right? Just wondering how many songs will be Henry-inspired!


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