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Sometimes I just kill myself. Oh, keep reading… You’ll find out why and then just roll your eyes while gently mumbling, “oh, that Chance.”

Working on two things at the moment. One in my control. One not. One life affirming and one that shall have life in and of itself. My new CD, and a baby. Well, there’s this company that sells Independent Artists called CD Baby, and well dunno, I just laughed out loud at myself. An evervescent chuckle, if you will.

And so much of both of my “projects” are “behind the scenes” or um, behind the placenta! hahaha!

See?  I must be in one of those moods.

Working on the CD art work and the corresponding web site work. Completely revamping the music store, and I’m happy by the way it looks. Much simpler, much cleaner and much clearer design. My goal is to have it done by this week.

Then I gotta start getting on the marketing aspects of my album. I want to do things out of the norm, and non-traditional (as much as possible), so I’m still not completely fleshed out on the ideas that are germing. But I got a couple which may be cool.  One may involve fans making their own videos. Would you be down for something like that? (comment if you would)

I also want to be more involved with co-promoting podcasters. I have had great relationships in the past with podcasters, and now that there are so many more, I want to expand on that. And I’m not going to just do the bare minimum like interviews or station ids. I want to do things that you think you’d never have an artist say they were down for. Are you a podcaster? Comment if you’re interested in promoting your show with me!

Wife and I went to doctor today. Routine. All good. Mostly advisory. Next appointment is in the next couple of weeks. Blood tests and 2nd ultrasound.

Can’t wait to get home tonight and keep working on the site re-design. I can’t tell you how laborious a re-design usually is because it’s hard to be creative about something you already have. But when it needs it, and more importantly, when you got a good idea, it’s a little easier to get motivated.

So much to unveil. And I can’t wait til you hear the next record.

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Awesome. I love the mix title…

I’m in for the promotion, hoping that I can get you to do a show or two about what you’ve done for living the life you want to see, in a social action, social justice, or environmental way.

What kind of stuff do you want from the PodCasters?

Well, at this point it’s a difficult question to answer. I mean first and foremost the obvious is promotion. But I think that almost goes without saying. I’m just looking for more out of the box thinking (that phrase is quickly becoming inside the box), and a more non-traditional approach to how both the podcaster promotes themselves and how I promote myself. Seeing a possible fiduciary relationship? Not sure, really. but I’m up for listening to new ideas and brainstorming.

And yes, I’d totally be down for shows involving any of the topics you’ve discussed.

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