weekend re-cap


work. left early. sick. flu-like symptoms. slept 4 hours. woke up. felt better. much better.

started making beans. should take 2 hours.

marinaded pork shoulder. laid down. got up. felt better.

beans are done.

went to market. got platanos, beer, sour cream, key limes, cream, mint, bacardi. came home.

watched daily show & colbert tivos. squeezed 48 key limes. bed time.


woke. no car. drove wife to work. used her car for errands. came back.

prepped pork shoulder for roasting. lined with bacon and ham. stuffed with guava and prunes. wrapped with twine. covered with brown sugar and malta malt beverage. should take 5 hours.

started ipod party playlist. bought cuban songs. desi arnaz! walked dogs. bought sushi from across the street (spicy tuna w/avocado roll).

roast is done.

picked up wife. warmed up beans. began making platanos maduros. made rice.

people start arriving.

mojitos are being made.

party starts.

last person leaves at around 1:15 AM.


woke up. walked dogs. watched wall-e.

went to samys camera. got my b-day gift a day early: 430 speedlite flash for camera.

this weekend, i smiled.


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ok that was simply… simple.. hahaa

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