Yesterday and Tomorrow


Had a fantastic Choir practice last night. 2nd time practicing with the new drummer. Songs are starting to take shape. The emotional heights of where I want the songs to go are starting to happen.

Drummer and guitar player were late, very late. But it was unforeseeable, and unavoidable. So a pass, given. We first worked on a brand new and, as of yet, unreleased, song. Took a couple takes to get the sense, so I broke it down and had drummer and bass play by themselves. That helped see what was missing and what could be improved.

It seemed from that point, things got better faster. Practice for about 2.5 hours until our first break. It was then when we noticed Mike had a flat tire. So, that essentially meant it was time to call it a night while we waited to make sure his car was good to go.

We broke down our gear, scheduled our next practice, and bid our “drive safelys.”


Expect a Chance Music Announcement sometime tomorrow.

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