Just Words

Today’s Just Words dedicated to Suzy the Choir Girl


Picture yourself in a lie-about corner with sun in your eyes,
everyone sees you and they want to smile but they won’t.

So you run over while screamin’ red rover, the wind in your hair,
hoping they’ll stop you and laugh for a while, but they don’t.

No one even knows what’s happening

So many people look up to the steeple while holding their breath,
praying for rain that washes them when they confess.

Fish out of water walks miles from the ocean to tell them the news:
That all of this time, the water felt fine, but it’s just a clue

No one even knows what’s happening

But I’ll take whatever you give me…and I’ll make whatever I can.

Picture yourself at the top of the world, the sun in your eyes.
They might not follow, I guess it’s ok if they don’t.

©2008 Chance (Upside Down Left Handed Music, BMI).

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