Oh, yea, forgot about it…

Oh yea, forgot: Sunday, sang a quick jingle for a director friend. Took about an hour. Real quick in and out. He pitched it to Fox. Funny. We’ll see!

Monday, prepped the mix for Soft Bomb. Had to re-sing the octave vocal part on the choruses; it was a little pitchy.
Moved my tracks to my mixing folder and began setting up the mix. Barely got started though, as it got late quick.

Funny thing about schedule maintenance (I guess you’d call it that.) If I know time is tight I’ll refrain from doing important stuff. It can bug me though, because I like to walk away from each day feeling like I accomplished something substantive. So, on days where time is limited, like last night, I was only able to clean my session, sing a quick vocal fix and just about call it a night. Plus, tomorrow’s a guitar practice with the boys. We’re going to start hashing out the new songs, doling out parts and the like. That much will feel like an accomplishment.

But the thing that’s so temporarily annoying is I just set up a mix to “begin” and I can’t work on it until at least Wednesday! Like seeing your Dad put your Christmas gift under the tree on Dec 23rd, and instructed the obvious.

But, sometimes, I just can’t help myself. Mike and Steve should get here at around 7. Perhaps I can do a wee bit before the election results this evening.

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