I know, and you know what to do…

Now that one mix is done, finit, complete, et al, it’s time to move on to others. I plan on re-visiting some of my other “almost” mixes and try to put them over the top.
But for today, it’s Time Travel.
I re-recorded the guitars (with Steve), re-did the bass (with Bob), and I completely re-sang it. So, I’ve begun prepping the whole song for a complete top to bottom re-mix. The tracks sound so much better.
It’s enough to get excited about, certainly, but it just goes to show me that I’ve still got so much to do.
It’s almost bittersweet; claustrophobic, I guess. When will it end??? I want to play live. I want to get started. BUT…. (why does everyone have such a huge butt?) I can’t compromise.

That’s the goal of this record:

No compromise.

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