first time through…

Yesterday was about rushing home from work and setting up the initial eq and compression for the latest mix, soft bomb of diplomacy.
Well, that and watching the disappoint results from Ohio, TX & RI. At least Barack got Vermont.
But then it was on to first get together/practice with the guitarists. Mike got there early, so he chilled in the studio while I toiled over drums and bass. Steve got there around 7.
We ordered Pizza, and then filed into the room to begin divvying up parts.
It was cool. Steve pretty much had everything down; Mike had it well, mostly down. 🙂
We had a good time, and you could see the little bits of light and energy start to let us know these songs were going to be very fun live. I think the best thing about it was that: hanging out with the boys and getting to shake the cabin fever of the studio.

Next up, practice-wise, is Bob & Flando Calrissian next Thursday, aka the Rhythm Section.

Tonight, more work on the mix. Found a couple flubs recording wise that I’ll have to do-over. Should take 45 min to fix and then I can get back on it. Unless I choose to re-sing the chorus vocals. I think I pegged the mic pre a bit.
We’ll see.

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