Just Words

Today’s Just Words is dedicated to anyone who’s life changed on a dime.

When the Cracked Becomes the Broke

You want me to confess what I can and tell you all I know
The pain inside is all I can stand; afraid I’ll get too close
It’s 4 bars here and 4 bars there, with words I’d never spoke
So here we are, in this ol’ ship, when the cracked becomes the broke

it rained all night in our little land but the water turned to snow
it covered us with great big hands, left us nowhere to go
so beautiful, or so we thought, but no sooner than we spoke
we waited for the fire to start but all we got was smoke

so quiet now but what we would give for the tiniest of sparks
the ugly truths that we wish we’d say, swim ’round us like sharks
we held on tightly, lest we drown, but the waters left us soaked
no one noticed or looked down but the cracked became the broke

©2008 Chance.

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