The good news is the week ended on a bright note

Henry and the Broken Window Theory

Week(end) Re-cap for 05-09-10

In a week that started out most annoyingly with my car being broken into (for the 3rd time in a year and a half), I confess to spending little of my time being creative. But I shouldn’t waste too much of my energy complaining about the douchebag or douchebags who broke not one but two windows on my car (and were unsuccessful at acquiring one of my car speakers), no. The reason for this is not just two days later, I was able to watch a rehearsal of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at Disney’s Concert Hall (thanks to my friend and old manager, John Vassiliou).

It. Was. Beautiful.

I did get a sense of inspiration. Interestingly enough though, when it got time for Studio Day on Saturday morning, I found myself tired. Perhaps bored? I’m not sure, but after sealing the deal on a mix I’d been working on (success!), I decided not to spend anymore of the day recording.

Fire Made it Good

Thing is, I have this idea for a video. More specifically, I have this idea of a video’s section that I wanted to get some footage. So, instead of recording, I hooked up with my friend, fan and favorite woodland sprite Suzy the Choir Girl to see her do some fire performing. You read that right: she swallows, throws, swings, bandies and tosses….FIRE. And if you know Homer like I know Homer, well, “fire made it good.”

Saturday night, located in an industrial complex somewhere near the 405 and Jefferson, it was a dance/fest of burners (burning man festival goers). This was to be the latest I’ve been up in a while that didn’t involve the consoling of a child. But I was up for it, and had an absolute blast.

I confess to being most taken aback by just how incredibly kind not just her immediate friends were, but everyone. Listen, I made no attempt to bring pre-judging to the mix, but it can be par for the course that, when you go to a place …and you are most obviously an outsider…at the very least people look at you with that “who’s this guy” kinda look. I live in LA, for chrissakes. It happens all the time.

But not here. Hugs over handshakes. Smiles over frowns. Happiness over solitude. The music was loud, and perfectly in tune with the surroundings. The people were dressed to their respective 9’s. It was pretty closed to packed. Got to hang out with Suzy, her friends Sam, Ian, Wit, Lili (sp?) and of course Suzy’s Dad, Butch, an old Vietnam Vet with a casually complex view on life. Butch is as cool as they come.

Suzy performed around 11 PM, and again around 12:30 AM. I say this not for historical reference but because, goddamn sam, was I out past my bed time! I think I left around 1:45 AM or so; not because I didn’t want to continue hanging out, but because Mother’s Day was just moments away and I knew if I didn’t get rest soon, I’d be wrecked.

Slept for 6 hours. Woke up, and made French Toast, applewood smoked bacon, & soft-scrambled eggs for my wife who is notably the mother to my child. We spent the morning watching Betty White on SNL, as the seriously-in-need-of-being smacked, cheeseball kids say, “for the win.”

Fire Truck Made it Good

Once Henry woke up, we took him to an open house at the local Fire Dept. He’s only a year old, but this kid digs big vehicles and trucks. He loses his mind when a red bus, blue bus, UPS, FED EX, Postal truck or fire engine drives by. It’s hysterical.

Took some photos of him on, around, and on top of Fire Engine Trucks. Because that’s what you do. Spoke to a fireman who was genuinely, and to be honest—sweetly— into the comprehensive map his Fire Department had devised that, in his view, was vastly superior to other FDs. Detailing the locations of all 2,4, 6, and 8 prong hydrants in and around our area, he was almost beaming. All the firemen were generous with their time and appreciative of the local community coming by to visit.

We made our way to the Farmers Market for some people watching, retail therapy and poultry purchasing.

Went home and made a chicken roast, and a large batch of chicken stock, because that completely makes sense when reflecting on my week.

What Did I Learn?

Well, sometimes things you hadn’t planned on can derail you.

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, things you hadn’t planned on can put you right back on track.

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