What a week coming up

What a crazy week coming up.
First, 3 day weekend (including MLK);  Barack’s coming and (George is GOING), San Diego show…

This weekend is going to be comprised of getting the word out for the SD show. I’m hoping for a good night that night.

Making duck tonight. It’s called the law of averages: I just had a Tina’s burrito for lunch. I was going to take a photo, but it was eaten to quickly to pull out my camera.

Going to Cost Plus and buying more furniture. It’s right next to the Farmer’s Market, and I love the poultry guy there. Turns out he has both frozen and fresh duck breast, so rock n roll.

Dealing with CDBaby on the botched iTunes submission of Famous Words & Alibis right now. They have to re-submit the whole thing, it appears. I’ll keep you posted for those who like there tunes with an i.

A little football no doubt, but a lot of cleaning and moving stuff around. We’re almost done though, which is a great feeling. Wife hits 27 weeks today. Baby’s kicking like a madman, and you can SEE IT.

Oh, and meeting (finally) my drug dealer (I mean gear rep) at Sweetwater. His name is Brian VandeKeere and he’s in town for NAMM (down in Anaheim), as he’s being heralded for highest national salesman of the year  of Monster Cables. I’m more of a Mogami fan, to be honest. And I love how dorky this entire paragraph sounds!

And then there’s Barack’s Inauguration. I can’t begin to tell you how emotional I expect that day to be. And not just tears etc, but, true smiling happiness. For all the right reasons.

And then, on Thursday: San Diego show!

Say, do me a favor:

If you know anyone who lives in San Diego, try to get, cajole them to come to the show. We’re anticipating a spirited set, and just want as many new fans as possible to experience it. So pass along the info. Thanks, and have a great weekend!


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