2014 Year in Review: Up….Down…Up….Down…

Year in Review 2014

UP: On January 6, I watched my beloved Florida State Seminoles win the national championship while sitting on the 50 yard line with my wife.

DOWN: On January 17, I watched my Father take his last breath while sitting in a hospital room with my little sister.

UP: My father’s death brought my sister much closer.  The air was vented.

DOWN: On April 5, I woke up to learn a dear fan of mine, Kevin Cestare, had overdosed on prescription pills.

UP: In May, I bought my first real piano. The last one I had was as a kid, but was taken from me during my parent’s divorce.

And now I have a Baby Grand Piano.

Life is strange and complicated.

UP: In June, I finished my record. Or so I thought.

UP: On June 27—thanks for my friend John, I played Piano for 5 minutes on stage at the Disney Concert Hall. It was one of my new songs and for an audience of two.

DOWN: In July, I found out one of my closest friends Ron was diagnosed with cancer and that he would not fight it.

Later that month, I held him close, and kissed his cheek for the last time. He whispered into my ear: “You’re a fucking genius…”

UP: During that visit to Orlando, my family and I spent an incredible amount of wonderful time with my sister, my Mom and my step Dad. I was in a time of need and they were there for me.

UP: Later that week and back home, I wrote a song for Ron. Recorded it, got friends to play on it. It had to make the record. It did. It will.

UP: In August, I took part in a gofundme that led to one of my other best friends Jeff seeing Ron for the last time. Immeasurable joy.

UP: In August, I watch my son go to his first day of Kindergarten.

UP: From the month of July through September, my friend Matt Bloodwell and I spoke on the phone every day for at least a half an hour. We both met Ron at the same time for the same reason. He was a father figure to us.

Matt and I were already close as you would think possible. This experience made that bond stronger still.

DOWN: On September 5, my friend Ron died.

DOWN: On November 17, my Tia Aura died.

UP: On December 12th, I watched my son take part in his Kindergarten’s winter performance. This rite is something that happens all over the world, and would certainly sound like just another song to anyone who isn’t connected. And I couldn’t stop smiling.


This year… man, so hard to describe as anything but peaks and valleys….but with such illuminating inclines and such dour depths. I found myself both happy and sad in equal measure. Up….Down….Up. Down…

But one thing rings true for me: I will continue to hold my glass high. 2015 will bring me new water to drink.

And I remain thirsty.

Post script:

Tomorrow morning, I am taking my son to his first football game at the Rose Bowl. Row 21, near the 50 yard line. Go Seminoles.

Oh… one more thing:


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