And wouldn’t you know it….

A good night’s sleep is kind of helpful!
Woke up the next morning. Made breakfast (french toast, eggs, bacon). Went outside for a quick walk, and boom, my mind goes, “hey, I think I solved your puzzle.”
Frantically walked back upstairs and wrote out the arrangement: I changed out the 2nd verse guitar came in and how it came in (repeating the riff instead of developing it); Made the 2nd chorus half as long and, instead, went straight into a guitar solo. Tried something different with the bridge by shortening its ending. This decision made the last line of the bridge bleed over into the last chorus. It’s kind of different and I think I liked it.
Then just moved stuff around in Pro Tools.
I’ve listened to it a few times and I think I like where it’s going! I’ll probably shut down the ending 4 bars then it is now. I just don’t think it’s necessary. Apart from that, now the task is re-recording the parts. Sometimes, when I’m in creative mode, I don’t think too detailed on getting the best sounds. I just go for it.

Hope your weekend went well…

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