Not the greatest studio day, but…

Went to bed last night fully intending on a full, productive day in the studio.
Didn’t turn out that way.
I had jury duty all this past week, and we rendered verdict yesterday. So, my mind was just busy with information. BUSY. It was pretty involuntary too, and even when I ignored it, it just continued unimpaired. So, I didn’t sleep very well.
At that, woke up early to meet an old producer friend for breakfast. Hadn’t seen him in ages, and it was the highlight of today.
Thing is, I got back to do directly in the studio, finalized a mix I had been working on for a little over a week. And once it came time to be creative, it just wasn’t there. I was just…tired.
So, I gotta admit that sometimes things don’t work out like you plan. Very excited that i got done with the previous mix (it was a bear, but worth the challenge), however, today–it’s safe to say this kind of sleepy feeling left me uninspired.
I put down a bass part, and some guitar parts on the new song, but I don’t know if it’s very inspired. I may just step away from the song for a second to see if I can let me subconscious work on it a little. Just a little trick for you songwriters out there: if a song throws up road blocks, step away. It can really help because your brain continues to work on it when you think you are not.
And that’s what I’ll do here. Ce’st la vie. Not the greatest day of output, but it’s sort of like that old adage, ” a bad day gone fishin’ is better than a good day at work.”

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