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The Truth is…

To all OC/LA and SD county fans:
The tickets to Friday night’s show at the Galaxy Theatre are going out this morning. If you get me your order in the next hour, I will take care of you.
++Order your Chance & the Choir tickets online »

To everyone else:
Over the weekend, a fan from Canada picked up the last CD and some of the newer singles. Just after ordering, he was kind enough to point out I had some misdirected links on my music store site. The heads up was very cool of him, because I suffer the arrows of a complete lack of sleep these days, so I tend to mess up here and there when upkeeping my sites.

When I wrote back thanking him, I ended up telling him what I was doing at that moment. I think perhaps it was one sentence or two I wrote that made a lot of sense to me (in a resonating way), so I figured why not: blog about it!

Truth is, I’m spending as much time I can in the studio hashing out a lot of new songs. And I’ve gotten to the point of the process that is past the initial enthusiasm of the germ, and before the song “turns the corner.”

In other words, the hard part.

The hard part can also be called the time when the real work begins. It separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls and the tuna from the can. It can be messy, tedious, time consuming, fraught with frustration, bewildering and give you this sense of one long moment with no end.

And yet, this is something I not only want to do, I must. Every song has a different birthing process, and well, some are easier than others.

There is a place I access when I’m in this writing process. I guess the only way I can explain it is if you imagine your eyes looking forward but only in the technical sense. In the actual sense, you are looking just back and a little up. I can only describe it thus: You’re looking at your brain. You know what I mean? If someone were looking at you, they wouldn’t perceive you looking at them. Maybe you’d look lost in thought, but the truth is you’re looking at some area of your brain. Maybe it’s the creative section, maybe it’s your big filing cabinet. But either way, you’re not thinking/acting/performing in the conscious, you’re really in another place.

So, that’s where I’ve been these past oh maybe week and a half. But in earnest, it started this past weekend. And the irony of it is, you don’t necessarily feel (emotionally) that you want to be there (because, for lack of a better word, it’s hard) until you’ve walked through it…when the song finally turns the corner.

And then—and only then—could you never be more grateful.

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