Jury Duty and more…

This weekend, with 3 days of jury duty in the can and complete (I was dismissed at the tail end of it; who knows why), I turned my attention to writing.

First thing, and perhaps most important to my writing process (this may be a secret, but it shouldn’t be) is “reading.” I don’t read books as much as I like, but when I do, I’m much more creative.

So, I went out and bought three books to carry me for a few months. The first one I’m reading right now is William Gibson’s Neuromancer. I’ve never really read too much science fiction –and certainly never any cyberpunk novels–but I’ve always liked the genre from a movie perspective. So, I’m giving it a go in the written form. I’m shocked at how many movies have completely ripped this novel off, as it was written in ’84, i believe. This guy is way ahead of his time.

Although I spent last weekend compiling all my germs, thoughts, sneezes and viruses from my mini recorder, this weekend (as well as the next few) will primarily be composed of hashing out new ideas. Literally doing a blank slate; no conscious attempts at pre-conceived notions. Just going for it, in other words.

Saturday, I wrote 3 germs; two of them lyrically as well. And Sunday, I wrote one which I’m probably happiest of the three: if it passes the germ stage, it’ll be called “These Black & Blues.” I really like the title of one of the others called “Towards the Land That Smiles.” (By the way, a germ is not a full blown cold [song]. It’s just a germ!)

Later on Sunday, I decided to do what I had long pushed off: I dismantled much of my studio desk so I could have my piano directly in front of me (rather than on the side.) It makes for much less strain on the ol’ neck as before I had my piano to the right of me, my recording desk straight in front, and my laptop (where the words reside) to the left of me. Not very ergonomic, to say the least. And who the heck knows if any of it is fricking feng shui haha.

I also racked my UA 2-610 mic pre, as it had previously been sitting on top the digi 002. Eliminated some needless cords and I think the studio is better for it. One thing that sucks is I have to buy some longer cords for a few things now that the mic pre is in a different place. But all in all, I think this is for the better. I’m LOVING having the piano right in front of me.

Red beans and ricely,

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