Why I’m voting for Barack Obama

Why I’m voting for Barack Obama

To say this country needs change is like saying a baby needs diapers. There are so many failures our current government has thrust upon our country’s face like so many poorly thrown cracked eggs, it’s no wonder people don’t remember what it was like to actually give a damn about anything. And frankly, we’re tired of ducking. We’ve spent 7 years taking it on the chin, and you’re left wondering whether any of it really matters.

But what if someone came along and swept you off your feet? Fine for you, you might say, but “I need more than a couple good speeches to vote for someone.” “I need fundamental change and specifics,” you say. Policy, you might say.

But make no mistake about it: the single most powerful weapon the President of the United States wields is NOT the nuclear codes. Sure, it’s easy to be scared of that, but it’s never been used and therefore simply theoretical. The most powerful weapon is this:

One. VERY BIG. Microphone.

The Bully pulpit. The voice of America. The voice of a leader. The paternal or maternal voice in our ears. The captain. The pilot.

Don’t think it’s important? Two words and a letter:

George W. Bush.

For me, Barack Obama symbolizes the change I think is required for this country to lift itself out of the dreck. We need a reason to feel good about ourselves again. Barack Obama has an eloquence that simply shines. He has a gravitational pull that does what gravity should: bring us together.

It’s easy to say “where’s the beef”, but I suggest you strongly view just how important this big microphone can be in leading, in persuading, in getting people to adopt, adapt and take action— not only for themselves—but for their country as well.

For those who are thinking of voting for Hillary:

Personally, I think Hillary would make a fine President. Those who don’t like her should attempt to separate themselves from the emotion of their opinion and at least consider a few things. Like most women these days, they have to do things twice as well as men to get the same results or approval. She’s smart, ambitious, and very well versed. She did a lot of things as Senator that many should give her credit for, like reaching across the aisle in an attempt to get things done.

But I am completely convinced that a 2nd Clinton’s Presidency would throw this country into a political version of the “Hatfields & the McCoys”. Two warring factions nitpicking at each other relentlessly, with no end in sight, and nothing happening at all. A complete waste of time.

Republicans would go at her non-stop. Hell, they already do. And none of this is really her fault. But it exists, and will continue to exist. And this country just can’t have it happen for another 8 years.

Under a Hillary Administration, I see Republicans bringing new meaning to intransigency. I can see them sitting on their hands. I can see so many wrong things happening, that it’ll take a generation to fix.

Don’t believe me? Just look what happened in the last 7 years! And the confessions of so many of my Republican friends who voted for Bush and are now opening their eyes further emboldens my opinion. People say a vote is no big deal. I don’t agree. It means everything.

Policy Differences

Simply put, if Barack and Hillary’s policy opinions arguments are similar enough (in my opinion, they are), then this race does actually come down to personality, and to inspirational intangibles.

We don’t just need a President. We need a leader. We don’t just need a person willing to learn every law in the book. We need someone who can guide us to improve our lot in life.

The other side

One of the things that infuriates me about any party is when they refuse to acknowledge the pluses of the other side. It’s ridiculous, completely unnecessary and gets us nowhere.

Only when we see ourselves as Americans first will this country begin to heal the wounds of this young century. Both Republicans and Democrats are capable of good things. Many on both sides of the aisle have their country’s best interests at heart. The fact this isn’t regularly acknowledged is just stupid. Plain stupid.

And yet many registered Republicans just can’t get their TV to change from the Fixed Noise Channel & many Democrats can’t let go of the little things for the betterment of the overall good. This solves nothing. When will we see the light?

Why Barack, and Why Now

I see Barack Obama forging a new way, a different approach that appeals to moderates of both parties, a “broad coalition.” I see him not being afraid to speak to the most evangelical of Republicans who still regard themselves as Americans first (they do exist). I see him healing the silly differences within the Democratic Party. I see him being unafraid of new ideas and of being unafraid to open dialogue with people, parties, governments, countries that –in the old way of thinking— no one would have dared to do. I don’t see him being tethered to old dusty rules set up for eras that are too far gone for them to matter, barely made sense then, and now seem too silly to be considered quaint. I can actually visualize the success and subsequently, the people’s response: “Oh. Well. That wasn’t so tough, was it?”

What matters is now. No trite overused mention of “the children;” no overly heavy import placed on notions of race or gender. And no mention of “a noun, a verb and 9-11.” It is the opinion of this writer that political crutches, metaphors and clichés matter not in this election. What matters is can we regain our voice? Our standard as a country of promise and potential?

I see Barack Obama challenging our country. Challenging us to do better for ourselves, for our families. To be more responsible; to be more inventive, imaginative, creative and to jump for ideas that we previously thought impossible.

I see Barack Obama asking us to be Americans again.

So, Feb 5th (for those of you voting on Super Tuesday), I hope you’ll join me in voting for Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.


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