Two days before video shoot

Time is getting near.

Just a couple days from shooting the video for my next single. Hit a couple of snags. I want to rent some things (drum riser) and the like, but they’re not fitting into cars. I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll fit into mine. Mostly, it means I’ll probably have to run around like a madman the day we setup.

But isn’t that what this kind of stuff is like? I mean, if you really like what you do, and you have this “vision” for doing it, then you kind of just have to go for it. There’s a comfort in being somewhat naive to what could potentially go wrong, when you don’t really know what you’re doing! It’s less…hindering.

So, tomorrow is set up day for the video. I’ll shoot this thing on Saturday morning. I hope it only takes 2 hours or so. (That’s the plan). Having an video wrap after party: In-n-Out burgers. Awesome.

Wish us well! Lots still to do!


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