Video shoot re-cap

Shot the video for the upcoming single (name withheld). Been planning the shoot for weeks; some things came together that allowed me to schedule it for this past weekend, and voila, we did it.

Standing in line to rent video lights and other video geek stuff from Samy’s Camera in LA:


Staging and lights set up happened Friday. The Shoot began in earnest around 10:30 AM the next morning. Small crew (our friend, Mike Lee; and of course, Mike & Bob). Video was shot for two main scenes: the first ended near 4:30 PM, and the 2nd ended near 1 AM Sunday morning.

I’d say there were two breaks during the course of the shoot: lunch and dinner. Both maybe 30 minutes in length each. The rest was intense and continual movement:  making sure scenes worked, that the lighting was right, composition looked nice, camera movement, special FX, staging and set design, and, well…..other.**

**You know me. I like surprises. So, this silly re-cap reveals nothing except the hard work that went into the shoot. The rest you’ll have to take on faith: what I’ve seen so far has come out pretty awesome. Here’s an obligatory self-portrait during the shoot, circa 11 PM at night.


Hope to begin editing this week sometime. Cheers for now,


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