One of my favorite fans, Dee, has passed away. I’m pretty heartbroken.

Dee had a condition called Eisenmenger’s Syndrome. Average mortality is 30 years. She lived to be just over 40. Small consolation.

She was so supportive. She and her fantastic husband, Sam, would go to shows that no one else showed up for. Her condition sometimes meant she was in a wheelchair, but she’d show up anyway. My last e-mail from her was asking if Casey’s—a club we recently played—had wheelchair access. It didn’t. But she came anyway. Oh, and she lived 80 miles away.

That was the last time I saw her: smiling, giggling at my jokes before the show and sitting in her chair and enjoying the performance when we played. She made me feel elevated, special.

The photo you see here is the bunny rabbit she knitted for my son. See what I mean? Such a touching gift. It’s soft, sweet, and emanates kindness. Just like Dee.

Dimmer will be the light. I hope you know how much it meant to me to see you at shows, at my video shoot (no less), online, and your gift of life. For that I am very grateful.

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[…] get that little extra energy boost seeing her at the show. Sad having to tell my son that “Dee Bunny” was not alive anymore (that’s what he and I call her/ the stuffed animal she made […]

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