Video shoot: Day 1 and 2

The idea is set in stone. I have a backup plan if it doesn’t work, but I’m going for this idea that may be a little difficult to pull off.

Didn’t do any recording Saturday or Sunday, as I wanted to concentrate on the video. Two separate shoots, one on one day, one on the other, and both revolving around my son’s sleep schedule.

Saturday was almost exclusively performance footage. Sunday exclusively instrumental footage. All of the shots are being shot on tripod; I want the subject to do the moving, not the camera.

For you nerds, I’m using my Canon 7D and I’m shooting in HD 24p. Looking back on the footage, I think I got most of what I wanted. Technically, I went a little too high on the iso for some of the footage; on others, I didn’t like the composition. But stylistically it’s all in the direction of where I want to go.

The song won’t have a storyline. It’s almost exclusively performance. If I can pull it off, it will hopefully be very very cool, as the whole thing will be done with a bit of a twist. In other words, that is currently the challenge: will it work?

Does the above sound too vague and oblique? Then enjoy this screen shot, while I guffaw like an unhinged madman:

Muahaahahahahahahahahaaa! Muahahahahahahaha! Muah! ha! ha ha!

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