Directed my first commercial: Original New York Seltzer

Original New York Seltzer Commercial

Original New York Seltzer Commercial"Lord I Miss You"Original Content September 2015Spread the ONYS Word Hit the Share Button

Posted by Original New York Seltzer on Saturday, September 19, 2015

So, I have directed (and edited) my first commercial, for Original New York Seltzer.

Also wrote and recorded the song, called “Lord I Miss You.”
Brian Levy played drums, and Paul Karpinsky played the lead guitar solo. I did the vocals, played piano, bass, and rhythm guitar.

This project was a blast to create. Have to definitely give thanks to the cast and crew who made this happen:

Couple: Rebecca Grant & Robert Duchaine
80s girl: Jolyne Lowery
Kids: Henry Hutchison, Noah Snyder, Kate Levy
Rocker Dude: Mike Stone

Producer: Bob Hamel
Director of Photography: Josh Kameyer
Gaffer/Grip: Jacob Kelso
Red Dragon Camera Rental: Jesse Chance Matney @SOFI Rentals
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Meredith
Makeup: Leah Dempsey
PA: Greg Berella

And of course EVERYONE at New York Seltzer for their support. Totally remember this stuff growing up, and it’s amazing to see the good will the ONYS fans have for this. Such great nostalgia.


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