Early Demo: Telephone Ear

Today I ran a live studio blog over on Facebook. All day I blogged about a new song I was working on, called “Telephone Ear.”

Now, my intent was to upload it to my Facebook Artist page, but phppppt that (don’t know why but the music player is not letting me upload).

So instead, I’m dropping it on my site.

The short and sweet of it is the song has no guitars yet (except acoustic). It’s just a board mix so the mix is borderline chaos. I think the structure is done, but the performances are still aways away from being finished.

This is what I have of the song thus far. Enjoy!


[audio:https://secureservercdn.net/|titles=Telephone Ear- incomplete 03-20-10]
Standard Chance Early Demo Disclaimer:
The version is not for release. It’s incomplete, unmastered and, as such, too damn quiet.  It’s unmixed and uncompressed. Unclean, messed up in the head, stinky, bloodied but…. still kinda  lovely to be around.

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Thanks for this – it’s really killer to hear me some new Chance music. We realize it takes some guts to share incomplete work, so thanks!

OH wait, wait…I have to summon my inner internet fanboy.


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