Life…and Life Only


What a busy weekend. Mostly mixing, some errands and a CD party of a friend’s fire breathing troupe.

Really happy with the way the Life & Life Only re-mix came out. I think I’m starting to turn a corner. This mix came together pretty quickly.
Side note: I decided to buy another UAD-1 card. This give me two. I demoed the Neve EQ’s and have fallen in love with them. So, I want a little more processing that I can use more often (or at least not sacrifice as much on other avenues.) It should get here on Wednesday, barring any unforeseen troubles.

I think that puts my studio upgrade total to a kajillion for this record. Sheesh. But once you hear it, you’ll see why. Still though… haha

My friends in Machina Candeo had a CD release party this past Saturday in Venice. DJ, food, a mural of a humble yet confident camel, and a lady that I swear came to this (outdoor) party for the sole purposes of feeding her dogs. I highly suspect if she knew anyone there. She just meandered in, went to the food table and began feeding her small rat sized dogs. But the people of this community (it really is that more than a simple gathering) didn’t pay no nevermind. I still found it amusing, in an “observation of life” sense.

We later walked along Abbott Kinney (which is a pretty cool street if you ever have the time). A leisurely stroll around 10 PM or so. Even found Tom Everhart‘s studio (quite by accident). Christina’s a huge fan. (he’s the guy who does all those highly coveted and expensive paintings of Snoopy and sometimes other Peanuts Characters. At one point, we saw the car of the woman with the dogs. How did we know? Well, she wasn’t inside, but her dogs were. It appeared she either had her life inside that car, or at the very least had been living in it. Or both.

Oh yea, my brother Sebastian is getting into the Mastering business. For all you electronic artists and bands on a budget, you should check him out.

And my brother Brian sent me a link to a video that I about cried. Further cementing Charlie Murphy as a genius in my eyes. Whether he wrote it or not, it’s all about his delivery.
Yes, it’s not safe for work…

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