Scammers suck

Love, exciting and new...
Love, exciting and new...

And not because they just “Suck.” They also suck at scamming too.

Get a call. Not at home. Not on my cell. On my “working 9 to 5” work line.

Dude tells me I’ve won a Caribbean cruise. Aw, how nice. Got this because I registered with their web site.


Idiot. I did no such thing.

Tells me I get a State room, all meals paid for, and they have a couple of lovely web sites in case I have any credibility questions.

Here they are: Caribbean Cruises & Port of Palm Beach

Two very lovely web sites that took at least a couple of days to design.

Dude gives me his number, which I won’t post here, but it rhymes with “1-800-869-2387”.

Gives me his name, which I won’t post here, but rhymes with “Kevin”. And I’m positive it’s real too. Oh, I mean “Kevin from the promotion department.” There; that’s more accurate.

Tells me to call back when I’m sure I want to go ahead and register for the vacation prize, because then ALLLLLLLL I have to do is pay for the port of call tax ($59 per passenger) ahead of time. Of course, he fully disclosed I’d be responsible for getting to Palm Beach, FL. Frankly, a little too close to the University of Miami for my tastes, but whatever…

“Kevin”: “Reason we’re giving these is we want people to talk about us. I mean, you’d tell other people if you had a good time on one of our Cruise lines, yes?”

Me: “In theory.”

So, he told him to check out his web sites and to get back to him any time this week.  Got off the phone and went and washed my hands so I could be clean and fresh while using the Googles on the Internets.

It took .022236 seconds to pull up his telephone number on and a few other websites that are all about people complaining how they were stiffed or at least smelled the fish. Oh, and how they had different names (Ramada Something Resort or something like that).

This would be a funny excursion on the road of life if it wasn’t so annoying how:

a) Stupid these guys are.
b) Gullible a lot of people are, especially those who are not often on their computer.

I just immediately imagined my parents being taken. So I sent them a quick e-mail. Better safe than sorry.

People can be such assholes. And seriously, you’re going to all that trouble to scam me for $59?

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