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Vegas, here we come

Final practice last night. Just an fyi: a great practice begets a terrible show. a terrible practice begets a good show. So, this practice has been judged a measly “ok.” Which means, LOOK OUT.

Came home, packed everything (gear, merch, personal items). had last couple of hours to spend with Christina. We watched last night’s TDS, and some Olympics while I tended to my packing errands.

Woke up this morning, packed the car. At work today, then heading off to Victorville (meeting point before heading off to Vegas). Have an interview for an online show called Ear Candy w/ Steph Nielson at 7 PM today.

After that, chill with Mike’s family. The boys in the Choir will met us up there around 10 or so. Sleep, and then….DRIVE to Vegas!

To everyone going to the NME, see you there!


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