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Starting to take shape

Practice was much improved from the first one last week. The songs are still taking shape and still finding their pocket, but I’d say the path is being forged.

We’re building these songs up from the foundation. The last two practices, I really haven’t doled out many of the background vocals yet as we’re just trying to get the whole music up to snuff. Thing with my music (IMHO) is it’s the little things. So catching up on drum fills, bass parts that play of them, or guitar parts that mute in places for reasons. Or just simply the touch of how a part is being played, it makes the difference between a tepid performance and an epic one. Plus, we’re focusing on getting the tones (guitar) done so the recorded material is translated as well as can be. Sometimes, selecting one guitar over another can make a difference too (well, not so much for Steve, since he is a one guitar playin’ slinger).

But all in all, I’m very happy with how things are building. A ton of work to be done though, as we’ve only concentrated on two songs these past two practices (Soft Bomb of Diplomacy and Liftoff). Next practice we’ll add the vocal parts to each. Soft Bomb will be very difficult to pull off. Fingers crossed!

Today, I’ll leave you with this:

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