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All Wrapped Up in a Bow”was written for Ron Feldman, Orlando musician and teacher. It is dedicated to his life and the influence he had on his students, his fellow musicians, and his friends…

With great humility, I give thanks to the 25 musicians who took part in this video.

They include:

Matthew Bloodwell, Jeff Flannery, Rick Bailey, Dylan Bailey, Pat Bloodwell, Shawn Fernandez, Talmage Watson, Jay Rauchwarg, Gail Jay, Paul Smith, Maika Malle, Luke Davids, John E. Citrone, Benjamin Juan Torres, Ken “K.Nilly” Neal, James Colt Woodrich, Sebastian Ciceri, Mark Johnson, David Traver, Brian Levy, Mike Zepol, Damien Zepol, Robert Vaughan-Wheeler, Steve Nicholas, Adam Flanders.

Ron’s Interview Clip:
Victoria Ackerman (video) and Steve Gamble (interviewer)