Another friend gone

Yesterday morning, I awoke to find out that a dear fan of mine had overdosed on prescription pills. He did not make it through the night.

I knew him since he was a kid in high school, befriending him and his friends Justin, Jason, & Nick, who had taken an interest in my music (probably almost 15 years ago). Over the course of a couple years, they e-mailed me, hung out on my message board; I eventually had the fortune to meet them and eat Pizza after a show I played in Orlando. Show or not, this became an annual ritual given my family living in Orlando. In short, they became my friends.

Kevin Cestare was a kind, intelligent and inquisitive kid. He sort of lost his way, as life had smacked him down a few notches. I guess he just couldn’t figure it out. And that breaks my heart.

I am grateful for the friendship that transpired. Even became Facebook friends with his very kind father Warren, who undoubtedly is crushed.

I am struck by the words Warren wrote yesterday announcing what had happened. He wrote of his son: “He is my best friend and I told him I loved him every day.”

Warren, I hope in your sorrow you know what lessons that can teach us all. Rest in peace, Kevin. I only wish you knew how much your kindness impressed me.

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