Weekend Studio Re-cap

Worked almost exclusively on the newest song, Bus Stop People. Frustrating at first because I started to get this weird feeling this one would be hard to finish (Easy as pie to start, but oh that last mile…).

Primarily I had to figure out whether to write a bridge, and how to write an ending. I found two things happened:

  1. Putting the title of the song in the song just didn’t work. At least not yet.
  2. A bridge before or after the raging guitar solo slowed the song down. It deflated the energy. This song is basically non-stop groovy, and it just needs no interruption. So I moved on from that idea.

After a full day of trying, on Sunday I took this breakdown bridge and attempted to make it the end of the song. But I still didn’t like the “bridge” lyrics and melody that I had written.

So, I just started riffing and sang “And I think I like how this is going…”

And, well, I think it worked!

Right now the song stands at a little over 4 minutes and change. It’s a small possibility I might trim some musical section fat, but I’m leaning against it because the song has such a pulsing beat, it’s kind of nice to zone out on it.

After settling on the structure (perhaps a poor choice of words but I can always change it!), I re-sang the two main vocal parts.

Listened to it in the car this morning and it’s coming along. Now, it’s time to re-do the bass and start fleshing out the drum part. That could be a lot of work. We’ll see.

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