Henry Says Hi”; reflection and gratitude

So, one week ago today, my wife gave birth to our first child. We have been very fortunate to see, hear, feel & enjoy the support from friends & family.

Some of you may have followed the twitter of the birth. Know that you ended up being a part of something I plan to give to him when he’s old enough to understand. I opted not to mention my idea of this “facebirth” because if anyone commented, I wanted it to be sincere.

And boy was it. I wasn’t able to reply to the many comments, but know this: I read almost all of them to my wife as it happened. Turns out, it was a lot easier to do, logistically, than I thought. I had a tweetie ready to go, and would type between contractions. I tried my best to keep it short and sweet, and if there was a long amount of time between her needing me, I wouldn’t type at all. I wanted to keep it completely true, so I only came armed with one phrase, written before:

“Henry Says Hi.”

I want everyone to know how much your words, your comments, your enthusiastic support meant to us.

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