Not sad to see you go…

by Chance Last night, I bade a dear friend farewell (but not goodbye). Marsha Kerasadis, the fiery and incredibly colorful club promoter from The GIG (RIP), is uprooting from Los Angeles and sharing her light with the City of New Orleans. On a Monday night, way past my bed time, Christina and I went to The Well in Hollywood to hang out with Marsha in Los Angeles one last time. It was great to hear her circumspection, and to conclude that “living in Los Angeles is too expensive to be this unhappy.”

What a turn of phrase. I am thrilled she came to that conclusion because I’ve felt she had been spinning her wheels for years.

I was very up front in my opinion. I said to her:
“Marsha, this may sound weird coming out, but I think you know me, and i want you to understand: I am not sad to see you go.”

You see, the reason is she is searching for happiness, she is embracing change and and she is trying to make her life better.

Now, how can anyone be sad about that?

And so it was, as she nodded her head in understanding.

So, join me in wishing her the very best, in hoping she spreads her wings as far as she likes and achieves all the happiness she so richly deserves. Because you can’t imagine it happening to a more wonderful person.

And yet one more reason to visit New Orleans!

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