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behind the scenes, prep work, and on a personal note

I’ve been on a little lower of a profile for the past few weeks due to the fact that much has been going on behind the scenes. With the release of the new web site re-design, I am designing the new version of the store too.
Also, this past weekend, I shot the photo for what will be single 15’s art. 5 words: heh heh heh heh heh! Remember 15 will be previewed on myspace.

PREP WORK for the show on April 8th
The band’s been practicing and getting ready for the upcoming show. Lots of little stuff are being tightened up, which is a great thing. The last few practices I really feel like they are becoming more comfortable with the songs (as well as their parts) and I think it’ll show when we go live in ten days.

On a Personal Note
Friday afternoon, I received a phone call from my cousin about my dad. Turns out he was put in the hospital for some sort of intestinal blockage. It was deemed serious enough that they had to transport him into the city (Oklahoma City, about an 84 mile drive from where he lives).

Spoke to him Saturday morning, and he was pretty morphined out of it, but through conversations with my cousin, it appeared surgery was becoming less an option. Thankfully too, because of my dad’s advanced age (he just turned 75!). They had performed a catscan and it did not reveal any potential cancer.

I spoke to Dad again on Monday morning and he was in better spirits. It appears that the blockage had passed but they’re not really sure why. They were going to perform a colonoscopy and probably send him along his way on Tuesday.

So, fingers crossed that he’s going to be ok.